How to start your own webcam site using Modelnet

August 09, 2017 at 8:33AM

Development of broadband Internet led to adult webcam being quite a popular web-industry. Having high-quality software and good marketing strategy, you get HIGH revenue.

This guide provides you with major steps of launching webcam site on Modelnet platform. Our software helps you to manage your site using a pay-per-minute billing system for chats between your clients and models. Your clients also can give Tip or organize Tip Goal Shows. The Modelnet system has all the features necessary for conducting a successful web-business, including an inbuilt system for paying webmasters, models, and studios. The software has a multilayered scheme of loyalty rewards for clients and attraction rate rewards for models and webmasters.

1 First of all, you will need a domain for your site. Register a domain name on or any other similar service. The name is better to be short and catchy. A well-chosen domain name will get you site up in search engine rankings.

2 Second, you should choose a software license fitting your needs. Monthly payment billing is more suitable for those who would not like to invest much at the beginning. One-time purchase suits best for long-run projects.

3 Third, choose a design for site form 6 default layout templates. If you would like to have your site more personalized, we can create a unique design corresponding to your requirements.

4 Forth, choose add-ons for augmenting your profit and make the site easy to use for your customers. Our development team will help you to customize the software to meet your requests.

Software installation on a server

Our development team installs the software on a server as soon as the payment is done. The installation process takes one working day if there is no additional customization.

You will get full access to the site manager dashboard, server settings, and source files, as soon as the installation is finished. You can change and correct the source files if you need to.

Site Set-up

Enter the domain name of your site: to ensure that all the links from this page lead to pages on your server. By default the links point to our demo server.

1 Open the site manager page and fill in the e-mail field. System notifications and 'contact-us' data will be sent to that address. If necessary, you can change the password.

2 Open the system preferences page of the site. Default preferences are recommended and can be changed if necessary. It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Mail-from address for e-mails. Customers will see this email, if they receive a letter from your site.
  • Set the commission rate that your models are going to get. Set referral commissions for your partners. The software has an inbuilt referral system that helps webmaster, studios, models, and clients to have more income through attracting new people to your site.
  • Set functionality and limits to paid and free chats.
  • Look through the rest of the preferences, probably you would like to change something.

3 Create necessary categories and set SEO preferences for a better Search engine ranking for each category.

4 Open the domain settings page where you can set the title of your site, upload a logo, add integration with your Facebook page, and insert Google Analytics code.

5 Set a payment system and create payment packages to allow your client to replenish the account with a credit card or with the use other payment systems. You find a more detailed guide to the payment system customization in the guide to the software.

6 Study Privacy Policy, Refunds Policy, Terms of Use and USC 2257 pages. The content of those pages may need changes according to the laws of your legal residence country.

7 You should pay guarantee deposit to activate your site in the Modelnet network. The deposit guarantees that provider site models receive real money from Modelnet clients. You can request to reimburse the deposit in full amount anytime.

Now your site is geared up and ready to go! Activating Modelnet means that professional models are already on your site and you can start promoting your business.

If there are any questions, let us know, we will be happy to help you.

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